find your bra size

Are you wearing the right size? What size are you in Fleur? Finding the right bra can be hard, but we're here to help. Let us get you the support you need.


Before we get started...

Start by standing in front of a mirror wearing your best-fitting, non-padded underwire bra. You'll also need a soft measuring tape. Remember to measure in inches.

the band

Your bra's band provides most of its support (not the straps!) Most women are wearing a band that's too loose.

  1. With a measuring tape, measure below your bust, directly below the wire of your bra.
  2. Ensure the tape is parallel to the floor, i.e at the same level on your back, sides and front.
  3. Enter this number in the "band measurement" box below.

Hot Tip
In between numbers? Round to the nearest whole number.

the bust

  1. Loop the measuring tape around your back, just under your shoulder blades to measure around the fullest part of your bust.
  2. Keep the measuring tape level from end to end, ensuring it is close, but not too tight, to find a comfortable and snug position.
  3. Enter this number in the "bust measurement" box below.

Hot Tip
If the measurement falls on the half inch, round it up!

your fleur size

Our products may vary in size from your universal sizing. Use the calculator below to determine your best fitting Fleur du Mal sizes.

All sizes in inches

Band too tight or straps sliding off your shoulders? Get schooled on all things bra fit & sister sizing below.

we support you

Still need help? Chat with a Fleur stylist for more information, or book
an in-store fitting with a bra specialist below (we recommend a
professional fitting every 6 months to a year).