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4 Ways To Freshen Up Your Foreplay

Like anything worth savoring, an intimate rendezvous is best eased into and enjoyed sensually and slowly. After all, you don’t dive head-first into a pool without checking that the water’s warm…and wet. Dipping your toes in first is a must when you’re getting in the mood, but let’s be real—the whole routing can get repetitive real fast. Lucky for you, Fleur’s never heard the word “boring” in the bedroom. So if you and your boo find yourself stuck in a rut, look no further for a few ways to freshen up your foreplay. From whispering sweet fantasies in their ear to getting wet and wild in the bathtub, here’s how to make your next pre-game even better than the main event.

Press Play For Inspiration

Forget Netflix and Chilling. If you’ve got an urge to get in the mood, whet your appetite by taking movie night to naughty new heights. But let’s just say you can skip the popcorn. Don’t be bashful — go on and turn up the volume on some really titillating home entertainment fit for the boudoir. There’s nothing like visual stimulation to provide X-rated inspiration, and with the sights and sounds setting the mood on-screen, you’ll soon find yourself in the midst of all the action yourself. Life imitates art, as they say, and in this case, you’ll be the star of the show.

Tease Your Senses

Make delayed gratification worth the wait by teasing each other with your touch. Slather on the pleasure oil everywhere but there, lavish them with licks, and run your hands over each of their curves you adore. Explore every inch and freckle with your fingertips, a feather, or a bossy little riding crop, and you’ll discover surprisingly sensitive spots you can stroke to drive them wild, from the nape of their neck to the small of their back. Tread lightly or rub deep, just be sure to take things slow to draw out that sensual skin on skin connection for as long as you both can stand it.

Look But Don’t Touch

Tantalize their eyes and tie up their hands, they can look but they can’t touch. Whether you tempt them with a cheeky striptease or a dance against their lap, you’ll have their heart (and other things) beating for what it can’t have — yet. Wanna kick things off with a real bang? Let them look while you engage in some, ahem, self service, or let them loose so you can start going to town together, while watching from afar. Mutual voyeurism, mutual satisfaction.

Engage In Mental Seduction

The best way to anyone’s orgasm is through their head, so get those mental juices flowing by taking your dirty talk up a few notches. Get explicit, and maybe a little illicit, by spilling sultry secrets into their ear until you can practically see them melting. Paint a picture of what, exactly, you want to do with them next, or whisper your deepest fantasies and turn-ons with a pur. Need some help getting started? Whip out a Fleur-approved card game for playfully provocative prompts that’ll lead you and your partner into seriously intimate new territory. Even you’ll be surprised by what you reveal.

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