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5 Reasons to Get Your O Solo Tonight

No partner? No problem. When it comes to achieving mind-blowing orgasms, all you really need is you, yourself, and, of course, a trusty little toy to take things to seriously intense new heights. Whether you’re single and taking a break from mingling, or you’re just flying solo for the night, you should never pass up the chance to indulge in some intimate alone time. Not only can you get things done exactly how you like it, you can also fully escape into some sensual self-exploration that helps you discover new modes of desire. What could be better? If you’re on your own tonight, slip into something Fleur and prepare for your much-deserved one woman show. Go on and take a bow, then give yourself an encore (or two).

You can turn up the vibes – literally

When you’ve got the boudoir all to yourself, you can crank up the volume *and* the intensity of your Big O without holding back. Looking to amp up the vibes in the best way possible? Find a powerful partner in crime in one Fleur’s favorite Lelo toys. With a number of sleek and stylish accessories designed to pack a pulse-racing punch, the toys are a must for your not-so-secret treasure chest. For a wave of spine-tingling ecstasy, we suggest whipping out the big guns: ahem, Lelo's Soraya 2. The luxurious rabbit vibrator is designed to hit the G-spot while stimulating the clitoris to provide double the fun – and achieve double the pleasure. Who knew?

You can be shamelessly selfish

Sure, you know how to spread the love, but sometimes you just want to be shamelessly selfish in the sheets. When you’re going at it solo, you’re the only one in the spotlight. Whether you want to take your sweet time or prefer things quick and dirty, you can do your thing, your way, without having to worry about taking care of someone else. Skip the back-and-forth and cruise straight into climax with Lelo’s compact Sila Cruise. Don’t be fooled by its size — this little device can go at it again and again, with eight sonic wave intensity levels and an oral-inspired design that perfectly puckers up on your most sensitive spots. Hey, it’s all about you, baby.

You can get creative with your O

You and your boo may know how to have a good time, but it can be hard to push your boundaries when you’re considering somebody else’s. If they’re a little hesitant when it comes to trying new things, some solo play is essential for experimenting with your arousal and achieving your O on your own terms. That may mean popping on some saucy entertainment or getting cheeky with a unique new accoutrement. Wanna get really creative? Try livening up your evening routine with the fresh sensations of the Lelo Tiani 3, a discreetly wearable vibe with a remote control that lets you go about your business while it works to get the job done right. Let’s just say whipping up dinner or folding laundry is about to get a whole lot more exciting.

You can get lost in your fantasies

Ticket for one, please. Destination? Your most far-flung fantasyland. While you obviously want to live in the moment when you’re getting down with a partner, there’s nothing like taking a toe-curling trip into your imagination while doing the deed, where even your most devious dreams can come to life…in your mind, at least. So, do yourself a favor the next time you’ve got some alone time on your hands: Shut off your phone, close your eyes and escape into your deepest erotic fantasies. No matter how wild your desires, you can embrace them without distraction — and that might be reason enough to cancel your date tonight.

You can truly let yourself relax

Sit back, relax, and indulge in the ultimate form of self-care. As it turns out, the real secret to winding yourself down is to first turn yourself on. A good orgasm can help banish stress and anxiety, all while boosting your mood and your nightly snooze, so why wouldn’t you take advantage whenever you’ve got the bed all to yourself? There’s no pressure to please when you’re focusing on your own pleasure, and at the end of a long day, there’s nothing better than the release of all that energy. Drip on some arousal oil, start with a slow touch, and work your way up to a pulsating massage (with the help of a toy, of course) that takes you up and over the edge before letting you float back down into total zen mode. We’ll take that over a day at the spa.

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