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5 Fleur-Approved Erotic Audiobooks Sure To Make You Swoon

Turn it on, turn it up, and get totally turned on.


We know you love your steamy beach reads…but why be beholden to your clunky Kindle or paperback whenever you want to get a little hot and bothered? So, this summer, save yourself the trouble of flipping through the pages, and press play on a few addictively erotic audiobooks. After all, a good audiobook lets you sit back, close your eyes, and totally immerse yourself in a fictional fantasyland full of secrets, seduction, and oh-so-sensual intimacy scenes, and these Fleur-worthy picks are sure to win you over with the sultry sounds of oral dic...tation. Trust, when you’ve got these titles lined up in your boudoir queue, your Airpods will become your second favorite bedroom toy.

Follow Me Darkly by Helen Hardt

If you’ve already worn out the pages (or downloads) of your Fifty Shades of Grey novels, you’ll be instantly seduced by this titillating tale of a girl-next-door social media manager and a cold and controlling Boston billionaire. Our leading lady Skye Manning is bold, confident, and far from submissive. Which, of course, is all the more reason the dark and mysterious Braden Black wants to bring her to her knees…in more ways than one. The ultimate power struggle over possession and pleasure ensues, with plenty of glitz and glamour thrown in between. And if you’re left wanting more, good news—it’s the first audiobook in a series.

Breaking Character by Lee Winter

Hailed as a sexy celebrity slow-burn, this female-focused forbidden romance takes the fake relationship trope to A-list new heights. Rumors swirl when television villain (and famously icy British celeb) Elizabeth Thornton is linked to her bubbly new co-star, Summer Hayes. Though she’d prefer to keep her sexuality out of the tabloids, a lucrative career opportunity gives Elizabeth a reason to play up the fictional relationship with the young star. The fact that Summer is so tempted by the actress she looks up to can only mean that sparks are destined to fly with her would-be mentor, even if she wishes she could resist.

Bared to You by Sylvia Day

A “primal, sheet-clawing” journey awaits in this first novel from the Crossfire series, which follows the heart-pounding pull of power and control between well-bred young professional Eva Tramell and the wealthy Gideon Cross (aka the mogul who owns her office building). He’s dark and tortured, she’s driven crazy by his coterie of obsessive ex-lovers. Together, they make for a voraciously volatile pairing whose no-strings attached affair erupts into something more. To describe their romance as “intense” is an understatement, so come prepared with something to fan yourself with and perhaps plan for a cold shower.

Backstage Pass by Olivia Cunning

Sex, drugs, and…psychology?! When sexual psych professor Myrena Evans joins rock band the Sinners on tour to study the groupie mentality, everyone in the band wants an up close and personal private sesh with her. But when it comes to her backstage desires, songwriter and guitarist Brian Sinclair is the only one she wants to rock into the wee hours (well, for the most part). While she sees her rock star romp as a bucket list fling, he just might have found his new muse. The bad boy poet and the brainy professor – who would have guessed that this unlikely pairing would make such pulse-pounding music together?

Dirty Little Secret by Kendall Ryan

One good girl librarian, two men who push her boundaries to places she’d never imagined…not even in her literary daydreams. After the bookish Emma Bell makes a move on the alluring stranger she’s had her eye on for months, she’s whisked into a secret world driven by power, pleasure, and cold hard cash, where she’s pulled between the hearts (and bodies) of the aloof and domineering Gavin and the oh-so-sweet and dreamy Cooper. Oh, and did we mention they’re brothers? Let’s just say the already-complicated love triangle leads to even more twists and turns when Gavin’s secrets from the past come back to haunt them all. You, however, may find yourself more intrigued than ever.

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