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Craziest Hookup Stories

The Hottest Vacation Hook-Up Stories, According to Fleur Followers

For some reason, we tend to be our most uninhibited selves on vacation. Maybe it’s being faced with new experiences, not knowing a single soul, or the combination of ocean breeze and balmy heat. All in all, the DGAF attitude tends to make for some seriously hot vacation hook-ups. We polled our Fleur Instagram followers to share their most scintillating stories—and boy, did they deliver. Here are a few of our favorites—keep them top of mind before your next trip.

"In London, I ‘accidentally’ left my panties in his suite so I could collect and get some more"
"He's from Argentina, met in Mexico on an excursion, met up that night and made out 'til 6AM."
"Met a Sicilian with a group of mutual friends out to dinner, made love that same night on the beach."
"French guy that spoke little English tore my bra off when the clasp wouldn't come undone."
"What happens on the way to and in Vegas, stays in Vegas."
"Sex with an actor in an airstream in the middle of Nevada."
"Met at a rooftop party and ended up together naked in a lake. Still together 8 years later!"
"Sex in the sea at night with an Italian in Positano."
"Making love out the window of a room at the Ritz-Carlton during the Cannes film festival."
"Went skinny-dipping in Portugal with a stranger and the rest is history."
"Met someone on Tinder. We went on a date that ended with car sex in a church parking lot."
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