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Event Roundup: Peep Show

Inside Le Peep Show with Dynasty

Our event with performer Dynasty, to celebrate their photo exhibit, ‘Gray Area’, at the Peep Show, our in-store art gallery, was one for the books. You never know what you’re going to walk in on when you visit Fleur du Mal NYC…

Brooklyn-based, first-generation Vietnamese American writer, model and drag artist Dynasty’s work stuck with us –– making them a natural first choice for our latest exhibit. As Fleur founder Jennifer told WWD, “We were naturally very excited to debut this show with Dynasty whose work explores drag, gender and how sensuality is nonbinary. I also loved that Dynasty was inspired by two photographers who have very much inspired my work, Helmut Newton and Nobuyoshi Araki, to question and flip the notion of the male gaze.” It didn’t hurt that Dynasty wore Fleur for the black-and-white photo series, either.

Clad in our Thigh-High Cowl Neck Slip in Rouge, elbow-length gloves and an eyepatch, Dynasty took the floor of the boutique for a drag performance before guests took in the show over cocktails and conversation. Of the inspiration behind the exhibit, Dynasty asked, “Is this how we present our bodies for self-empowerment or do we do it to attract the kind of people we want? At first, I thought maybe it doesn’t even matter. Because no matter how we present ourselves, genuine or not, people will always force their own stories and assumptions onto us.” They continued, “We’re automatically put into a whole lot of boxes that don’t fit the real us based on how we look. I sometimes find myself wishing I could look and be different, coming and going alongside a deep love and pride for who I am. I think that’s just human.”

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