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Fleur’s Five Pleasure Resolutions To Embrace in 2024

Make this year your sexiest yet.

Ten…nine…you look so fine. So we’re raising a glass and counting down to a new year that’s totally dedicated to you. When midnight strikes, skip the boring resolutions and promise yourself some serious fireworks in 2024. Because there’s no better time than the present to fully embrace your pleasure, and dabble in a few new discoveries that can take your nights to lip-biting new heights. From reaching mind-blowing orgasms to breaking out of your comfort zone, Fleur’s got your self-love checklist prepared for a year of oh-so-sensual fulfillment. Here’s to a year of feelin’ yourself — in more ways than one.

Seduce Yourself On The Regular

Seduction is in the eye of the beholder, and we encourage you to check yourself out as often as you can. Step one of leaning into the philosophy of self-gratification is having the confidence to know that you deserve nothing less than ultimate satisfaction. And what better way to lavish, ravish, and hype yourself up than by slipping into some luxe little numbers designed to provoke desire — for you, by you, babe. So in 2024, make time for plenty of up close and personal date nights that involve putting on a show for your eyes only. Now don’t you wanna get you alone tonight?

Take Charge With A Partner

This year, get bossy in the bedroom in the best way possible. If your partner isn’t scratching your itch just the way you like it, don’t be scared to crack the whip and take charge. After all, no one else but you can ensure you have the best experience in the bedroom, so feel fully empowered to grab their hand and guide ‘em through it with the most explicit step-by-step instructions. Trust us, your boo will appreciate you taking the reins and communicating exactly what you want and how you want it. And they’ll love the look on your face when you help them get the job done right.

An Orgasm A Day Keeps The Doctor Away

Life’s too short to skip an orgasm. So whether you’re swooning solo or with a guest, make it a point to reach that O at least once a day. And you could consider that doctor’s orders. Studies show that those toe-curling waves of ecstasy can have serious health benefits that last way beyond your romp, from improving sleep and decreasing stress to relieving pain and developing a stronger pelvic floor (oh, really?). No surprise here, but those big Os also help to improve your mood by sparking the release of literal pleasure hormones in your body, including euphoric endorphins and delicious dopamine. Hey, isn’t the new year all about leaning into wellness? Go on and go to town.

Push New Boundaries With Your Playthings

As for how you’ll start racking up those Os? ‘Tis the year to experiment and find your new favorite way to play. Don’t worry, some cheeky curiosity can’t kill this kitty. We say, new year, new you, new boundaries in the boudoir. Make this the moment you push past your comfort zone and finally give in to the desires you’ve been daydreaming of. Whether that involves a vivacious new vibrator, a little bit of bondage, or some sultry S&M play, resolve to free your inhibitions and introduce new ways to satisfy your carnal cravings — with or without a partner.

Find Your Pleasure In The Pages

Who says reading can’t be arousing? If you’ve been hoping to bump up your book list in the new year, why not dive into some pulse-racing page-turners and find yourself some new fantasies you can bring to life? Whether that means escaping into the fictional thrills of a modern erotic romance, cozy up to a hot hardcover or ten, and you’ll soon discover that there really is something to that whole “sexy librarian” thing. As they say, knowledge is power — and power goes a long way in achieving your pleasure. A night in with a good book never sounded so tempting.