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Get Lucky: It’s the Year of the Rabbit

Fleur’s New Year of the Rabbit Drop is Here

According to the Chinese Zodiac, the Year of the Rabbit is upon us. So what does that mean for you (and your career, love life, and beyond)?

The rabbit symbolizes good luck, intuition and partnerships. If there’s something meant for you, it will find you! While a rabbit might not be strong or intimidating like the Ox, Tiger, or Dragon, its sweet demeanor, nimble nature and natural charm goes a long way when it comes to attracting all good things. For you, that might take the shape of abundance of all kinds—more money, lovers, success, even fertility. So roll the dice and take the leap of faith when it comes to negotiating that raise, asking out the guy you’ve been eye-f*cking on the subway, trying for that new apartment, or whatever makes your heart beat faster this year. You might even be able to leverage said charm into scoring a last minute reservation when you flirt with the Laserwolf maître d' or making friends with a bartender at your local spot. Just a little something to look forward to for 2023!

Rabbits also crave stability and warmth—for you, that might look like investing in a homeorfinally saying yes to that chic Mario Bellini couch. They love feeling secure in their surroundings and taking care of those around them—maybe you make it the year of hosting at home, for friends and lovers alike. Time to perfect those at-home martini recipes, lovers! That said, things should feel far from routine. Thanks to their nimble speed, the rabbit loves rolling with the punches or a surprise, especially of the romantic variety. So when your lover wants to whisk you away on an impromptu trip to Mexico City, simply put, just go with it—and thank them when you check into the hotel.

To celebrate Lunar New Year, Fleur du Mal’s created their annual Chinese Zodiac drop. This year features large embroidered bunnies on chic black mesh—shop it now before it sells out.

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