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How To Dress Like An Icon:
Marilyn Monroe

The white dress blowing over a subway grate, the pink opera gloves dripping in diamonds.

When you think of old school glamour, the memorable looks of one person come to mind: Marilyn Monroe. With her dreamy gaze and coiffured blonde hair, the legendary star exploded onto the scene as the quintessential bombshell, radiating a playfulness that was effortlessly seductive, whether on-screen or off-duty.

Adding to her allure, of course, was her iconic sense of style. A chameleon though she was (a true Gemini, naturally), Marilyn nevertheless maintained a sense of feminine mystique through all of her wardrobe changes, and she was as comfortable in couture gowns on red carpets as she was in a cozy sweater, curled up and reading a book in her living room.

While her starpower can’t be replicated (that we know, of course), her fashion legacy is, luckily, a bit more easy to emulate. To embrace your inner Marilyn, all you need are a few lessons in dressing from the legend herself…with the help of Fleur, of course.

The Movie Star

Now, one can’t talk about Marilyn without talking about the glamour, darling. Figure-hugging gowns, elbow-length gloves, fur stoles, and dazzling accessories matched only by her smile. Marilyn was the picture of “Hollywood glam,” and you can be, too, with a modern twist. Slip into a sumptuous silky style worthy of the flashbulbs and don’t shy away from a glittering embellishment or two. Silks, pearls, and beaded appliques amp up the drama and voila–a star is born.

Flouncy Femme

Whether or not the film cameras were rolling, Marilyn leaned into a fun femininity that matched her funny girl persona. Why not flirt with the timeless looks yourself? Lounge around in pastoral florals and drape yourself in roses to match her intimate portraits frolicking in her garden, a hazy summertime glow surrounding her. Or perhaps you can dabble with an updated version of that flouncy white frock, immortalized in film history, that will have you prepped for your own subway grate moment to scratch that “Seven Year Itch” in style.

Playful Pinup

But before the silver screen premieres and rise to the top as a Golden Age goddess–and long before Marilyn was even Marilyn, she was Miss Norma Jean, making her way as a pin-up model with the classic cheekiness she came to be loved for. There’s no need to scour vintage stores when you can channel that pin-up poster look in retro-inspired silhouettes and throwback patterns reimagined, like lace-up denim, playful polka dots, and boudoir-ready staples that feel like a blast to the past.

Think Pink

Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend, but pink is her favorite color. To relive one of Marilyn’s most iconic roles à la “Gentlemen Prefer Blondes,” add a pinch of technicolor pink to your daily wardrobe–layers upon layers of diamonds, well, optional. Make it modern by taking the plunge with your neckline, showing some leg, and donning extra cut-outs that display a wink of skin (after all, it’s not 1953 anymore). And don’t forget the hot pink undergarments to match, replete with lacy, racy details. Who says sassy can’t be classy?

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