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How To: For Hotter Solo Sex - 5 Ways to Turn Yourself On

Mastering the art of arousal with Fleur

No one knows how to make you tick quite like you do, so who better to join for a romp in the hay? Sure, having some company is fun and all, but sometimes you just need some “me-time.” Yes babe, we’re talking about our favorite form of self-care: masturbation. Not only is a solo sex sesh essential for your pleasure, it also comes with a slew of mental and physical health benefits, from stress-relief and improved sleep to a boost in happiness hormones and the flow of oxygen to your brain (and then some). Simply put, an O a day keeps the doctor away, as if you needed an excuse to get to it tonight.

No date? No problem. After all, anything they can do, you can do better. So take your self-love to sensual new heights and turn yourself on…with a little help from Fleur, of course.

Le Thirst Trap

You love the rush of confidence that comes with posting a thirst trap on the ‘gram, but why not slide into your own DMs after an X-rated photo shoot snapped for your eyes only? To get your hottest selfie, of course, you’ll have to feel like your hottest self. So, dress the part in your favorite barely-there underthings and capture your reflection…from every angle. And we mean every. If you’ve never seen yourself like a lover does, why not take a peek? Set up your camera from the front, below, and behind, and pose like someone’s watching. Trust, you’ll appreciate the luscious curves and alluring lines of your figure, especially if you get into a provocative position or two. Trap your own thirst first, then you can get to quenching it.

Feel Yourself – Literally

Step three to feeling yourself? Well, it’s feeling yourself – literally. Now that you’ve given your eyes a photographic feast of your form, it’s time to let your hands in on the action. Treat yourself to a sensuous massage that’ll get your heart beating the further you reach. Lather on the lotion, pour on the pleasure oil, and indulge in some spine-tingling tickling by making your way all across your bod. Run your hands across your skin and explore your most unexpectedly sensitive erogenous zones – and we’re not just talking about the ones below the belt. From your temples to your thighs, a titillating touch from your finger – or a feather – can spark your nerve endings and rev your pleasure sensors into high gear. Some touchy-feely physical touch is all your body needs to know it’s about to have some fun.

Let Your Mind Wander

No need to play coy – we all have our secret fantasies. And while you may enjoy sharing (some of) them with your partner, let’s be real: the nature of someone else’s real-life presence can sometimes snap you out of dreamland. But when you’re only entertaining yourself for the night, you can truly let your mind run wild and escape into your most far-flung fantasies. We say, embrace this freedom while you’re going at it alone, and let yourself get lost in the depths of your pleasure – with the help of a toy or two to get you there. A little stimulation can spark your imagination, and when there’s nothing holding you back, you’ll be amazed at how far you can take those private thoughts.

Make It A Multimedia Moment

Your mind is a powerful tool, but you may need some inspiration to get your pulse racing and reach your full pleasure potential. Luckily, the internet age provides a treasure trove of outside resources to assist with our mental *and* physical stimulation. It may be more your style to fill your ears with the throaty sounds of an erotic podcast, allowing it to narrate your way to a climactic finish or, of course, you can pull up some good old-fashioned porn to help get you in the mood — no shame here, we know you watch it. And why shouldn’t you brush up on some moves for the next time you do have company? Look and listen and let a little something from your toy chest do the rest.

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