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How To Get Noticed On A Dating App

Looking for love (or lust) on all the right apps? It’s 2023, babe–who isn’t?!

If you’re tired of being set up with friends of friends, or if the scene at your regular watering hole just ain’t cutting it, you can find a whole sea of suitors in the palm of your hand. But if you’ve taken the plunge and the fish just aren’t biting, perhaps your profile isn’t embracing its full potential. Keep in mind that *you’re* the biggest catch of ‘em all, but based on a five-second digital footprint, think about it: Would you swipe right on you?

Whether you’re browsing through Raya or flicking through Hinge, chances are you want to stand out for being your best, hottest, and most empowered self. And Fleur’s got some tips to help you do it

Put Your Best Face Forward

Even if you’re looking for a deeper connection, let’s be real: Those first impressions matter. So when it comes to picking and choosing your app photos, put your best face forward—literally. Data shows that smiling and making eye contact with the camera can help spark instant attraction—much the same as IRL interactions. So, flirt with the camera as if you were flirting with a hottie standing right in front of you. Lock eyes with the lens, be a little playful, smile like you have a secret.

To sprinkle in some variety, be sure to mix up the rest of your photos, from full-body pics that display *all* your best angles to action shots of you living your best life. And since flirting is the goal here, it’s not a bad idea to give a cheeky peek at what you’ve got going on underneath. Perhaps you let a little lace pop out from behind an undone button or let the strap of your dress slide down just so…

Show Off Your Skills

But you’re more than just a pretty face. Got a unique pastime or hobby? Show off your skills and it’s sure to become quite the conversation starter. Love to travel? Post a memory from your most recent exotic adventure. After all, showing is a lot more engaging than simply telling, and you never know whose interest will be piqued because they share the same passion.

Open The Door With Your Prompts

We get it, those dating app prompts can be cliche—but your answers don’t have to be. Take those typical questions and play coy, leaving your could-be lovers wanting more . Display your personality of course, but err on the side of playful. No one’s trying to be *too* cut and dry on a dating app.

Get creative while getting their pulse racing with “Dating me is like…” A shot of espresso chased by a shot of tequila? An all-night dance party that goes on until sunrise? A dip in a hot tub in the middle of a blizzard?

Dress For Your Date

And just like that you’ve got a date on the books. Told you so. Contrary to popular belief, the hard part is over…now all you have to do is pick out an outfit that will turn heads while you turn on the charm. We know you’ve got the latter part covered, but no one knows first date dressing quite like Fleur.

Let’s start with the bottoms up. Even if you’re not planning on a sleepover, we say to slip into your slinkiest, sexiest lingerie set. It may be for your eyes only, but the feeling of lace or silk against your skin will have you feeling powerful and alluring, and that energy alone is enough to keep ‘em captivated.

Next, think about the location and dress for the occasion. Meeting for an al fresco lunch date? A flared and flirty frock will take from daytime to—well, wherever it leads. Drinks at a trendy cocktail bar? Sparkle in sequins or show off your funky side in an outfit as bright as the fruity drink you’re planning to order (no shame). And if you’ve got a fancy dinner date on the menu, embrace sleek-yet-sensual sophistication in a peekaboo number that makes you look (and feel) like a million bucks. Take one last twirl in the mirror…and you can take it from here.

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