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How To Slide Into Their DMs
(& End Up With A Date)

Psst: Any app can be a dating app if you play your cards right. Got your eye on a cute mutual you followed on a whim? Or perhaps you’d like to get to know that friend of a friend you locked eyes with at a dinner party once. Here’s our advice: Stop swiping, and start sliding…into their DMs, that is. Don’t be shy. All it takes is a simple hello (or suggestive emoji, for that matter) to build a flirty rapport that leads to something more. Don’t know where to start? First things first, make sure your own photo feed is looking #fire—after all, you’ve gotta flaunt it if you want it, babe. Fleur’s obviously got you covered in that department, but here’s how to take it from there.

Fuel The Fire 🔥

One of the easiest ways to hint that you’re interested without having to type out a single word? Fuel the flame with an oh-so-classic ‘fire’ reaction the next time they post a selfie. You think they’re hot, so let ‘em know. Yes, we learned this trick from the boys, but it’s a staple tactic for a reason. You’ll instantly start a spark and get their attention (because who doesn’t wanna see who’s checking them out?), but it’s just noncommittal enough to keep them curious...and wondering if you’ll make the first move. Repeat sparingly until they do the work for you and end up sliding into your DMs to say hi. And we guarantee they will.

Slip Into Conversation

Don’t want to come on too strong, too soon? Simply create an opportunity to slip into some casual conversation with your object of affection. Keep an eye out for a prime opener in one of their posts, and come ready with a response to get things flowing. Did they just post a pic from a trendy bar you’ve been dying to try? Slide in and ask them what drink to order when you go. Are they sharing adorable snaps of their pet? Gush over their pup and tell them about your own fur baby. Drop a flirty line or two after a bit of back and forth, and chances are they’ll ask you to join them on their next cocktail night or day at the dog park. You’re welcome.

Little Miss Innocent

Wanna learn more about that semi-familiar face you just scrolled past on the ‘gram? Whether or not you actually remember where and when you’ve crossed paths before (or know for a fact that you haven’t–-yet), it doesn’t hurt to ask. Channel your inner Little Miss Innocent, and shoot them a message asking them for help jogging your memory. “Hey, did we meet at…? I’d never forget a face, especially not one like yours.” Not only will they be thrilled to remind you, they’ll probably propose a rendezvous to refresh your acquaintance. Easy peasy.

Just Landed

Social media shows you the world, so it’s not unusual to drool over a mutual who lives in another zip code. That might make an IRL connection a little more difficult, but not totally impossible. In fact, it gives you an even better excuse to drop them a line when you’ve landed (or are planning to land) in their area. Tell them you’re visiting, and ask them to recommend places to go and things to do while you’re in town. You know, since you always see them having a blast on their stories. If they seem enthused by the potential proximity, you’ll likely land yourself a vacation date…and a free tour guide. Two birds, one DM.

Be Confident…and Cheeky

Then again, life’s too short to play coy. Why not take the reins and leave your crush a cheeky comment the next time they post something that piques your interest? Trust us, you’re sure to pique theirs, too. Keep it light and a little playful, but don’t be afraid to be direct. If they snap a selfie at the gym, tell ‘em to put down the weights and pick you up next time. Showing off their new car? Ask when they plan to take you for a ride. All it takes is a little confidence and you’re sure to get their motor going. Vroom vroom, honey.

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