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How To Take The Hottest Lingerie Selfie

Get all dressed down with nowhere to go but your bedroom

Looking good, feeling seductive, but spending the night alone? Don’t sigh - we know just how to make the most of it.

When the feeling hits and you just can’t get enough… of yourself, whip out your phone and set up the self-timer - this calls for a photo shoot. Whether you’re long overdue for a new thirst trap on the ‘gram, care to woo someone special, or just want to capture this moment of pure confidence for yourself, you’ll never be bored in the boudoir if you strike a pose with Fleur.

Get all dressed down with nowhere to go but your bedroom - and take your sexiest selfie yet.

Step 1: Treat yo’ self

When you’ve got a risqué photo session ahead of you, there’s nothing like a bit of pampering beforehand to help you feel your hottest. Whip out that expensive exfoliating mask you’ve been waiting to use, slip into a warm bath, and slather on the body lotion from head to toe. Wrap yourself in your luxe silk robe while you get glam for the camera. Why not go all out? After all, it’s not a waste of lipstick if a photo is forever…pucker up!

Step 2: Set the mood

Before you get snapping, create an atmosphere that meets your mood by turning your space into a sultry oasis. Slip fresh sheets onto the bed, dim the lights, add flickering candles, and put on some background noise - from your favorite tunes to something decidedly more X-citing. We won’t tell.

As Fleur founder herself, Jennifer Zuccarini, says, “Cultivating desire is about getting into the right headspace and setting the scene. For some, that could be a bath and a great playlist, or a glass of wine - whatever makes you feel great.”

For a backdrop that’s extra suggestive? Open up your toy box and leave a few of your favorites casually lying around. If you happen to be sending these to a special someone, let’s just say they’ll get the full picture. Ahem.

Step 3: Slip into some confidence

You’re the star of the show - now dress the part. If you couldn’t already tell, the Fleur philosophy is all about embracing your confidence, and we start with lingerie. “If a woman feels powerful and seductive in her undergarments, it can transform the way she moves through the world,” says Jennifer. “There is nothing sexier than confidence.”

So slip into something a little more comfortable… or a little more daring. There’s no better occasion for experimenting with your look and finding what makes you the most confident in this moment. Feeling powerful? Crack the whip in a leather bodysuit or bustier. Going for classic, flirty, and feminine? Dress up in lavish lace or silks. And don’t forget to add playful extras, from garter belts to thigh-highs. 

The most important thing about whatever you’re wearing, of course, is that it makes you feel amazing.

Step 4: Get snapping

Ready for your close-up? It’s time to show off your ass-ets and capture that posterior for posterity. 

There’s no rush. Take the time to experiment with lighting, camera angles, and poses. Got a ring light? Turn it into your spotlight. Or keep things moody and mysterious by foregoing the flash and brightening things up in post (pro tip: download VSCO for all your editing needs).

For a full-body lounge shot in the sheets, try holding your front-facing camera above your head and angling it downwards to get all the goods. For the ultimate booty pic, your camera should come up from below. You can even heat up a regular ol’ mirror photo by turning around and snapping over your shoulder - selfie in the front, party in the back.

Work it, babe. We can do this all night.

Step 5: Press send… or not

Now that you’ve got a whole album of tantalizing portraits, you can tease your boo with a private preview, post ‘em right onto the grid, or save them for yourself to look back at whenever you need some reminding that you look damn good.

“I wouldn’t presume to say that anyone should or shouldn’t take boudoir photos,” adds sexual wellness expert and contributor to Women’s Health Interactive, Wednesday Lee Friday. “I will say that people of all shapes and sizes do this with wonderful results. If you’re holding back on [taking sexy snaps] because of body image issues, a hot photo shoot for you and/or your partner to enjoy can do wonders for your self-esteem.”

Need we say more?

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