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The 5 New Dating Trends You Should Give A Go

In the market for a sparks-flying, heart-pounding, all-consuming romance? Or maybe you’re just looking to have a fun little flirtation this summer. (We feel you.) Sure, you can always hit the apps or give a toast and a wink to find a quick fling, but if you’re so over the same old courting routine, we say it’s time to take a fresh, Fleur-worthy approach to love..or lust. Forget endless swiping, boring pick-up lines, and stressful situationships that cause you to lose beauty sleep. Make 2024 the year you try something (and someone) new, and give one of these new dating trends a try.

Dating For The Plot

Not every first link will lead to something life-changing, but most of ‘em will, at least, give you a good story to tell your girls over mimosas the next morning. In that case, we suggest amping up that main character energy and start dating for the plot. Think of yourself as the scene-stealing Hollywood starlet in your own romantic comedy (or drama, if you’re more drawn to theatrics), and approach every rendezvous with the sense that whatever happens, it’s moving the movie of your life that much forward. Hey, any good storyline features a few twists and turns before it reaches its mind-blowing climax, and we all know we need to entertain some side characters before we find our next leading lover.


Stuck in a rut of repetition when it comes to your suitors? Well, if it hasn’t been working out with the usual suspects you tend to fall for, it may be time to try contra-dating. The term refers to breaking out of your comfort zone and broadening your romantic horizons to give all different sorts of potential partners a chance. So go on and shake up your roster by swapping out those flashy high-rollers for more outdoorsy types, or trading in those edgy artists for someone with a bit more emotional stability. (Swoon!) You never know who could be waiting behind all those dating doors you’ve yet to open…

Slow Dating

You can get everything from dinner to a movie on demand, but love doesn’t always have to move in the fast lane. This time around, why not let things slowly simmer…until they reach an oh-so-explosive boiling point? More and more hopeful daters are taking the slow and steady route to romance, allowing themselves plenty of time to form a connection and develop some intimacy with their prospective new boos. Think: drawn out dates, quality time, an extended “talking” period. If you’ve always considered dating a game of instant gratification, building up the sensual tension can be just the shakeup you need. And trust us, if you do end up meeting your match, it would have been *so* worth the wait.

Delulu Dating

Then again, you might want to leave your realistic expectations at the door and enter straight into your delulu era. On the opposite side of the spectrum, another slew of singles are abandoning that studied nonchalance that comes with playing it cool by embracing their most optimistic notions of love. Do you want grand gestures, old school wining and dining, your honey holding a stereo above their head to woo you? You deserve to get fully swept off your feet, babe, and you don’t have to settle for anything less. Sure, some might call it being “delulu,” but there’s just something so exciting about romanticizing your flings to the fullest, and expecting them to do the same.


Can’t decide if you’re actually committed to exploring that crush? Try micro-flirting. It’s a somewhat more subtle approach to “making the first move,” allowing you to test the waters first before diving head-first into a new fling. It can be as simple as liking their Instagram story or asking if they got a haircut, though you can take things up just a little notch by throwing in some playful banter and a pointed compliment or two. The key, of course, is to not be too obvious; a Fleur girl is nothing if not mysterious. Plant a little seed in their mind and keep them wondering…it leaves the door open for them to pursue you further (or vice versa if you decide they’re worth the chase).

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