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The Fleur Guide To Discovering Your Love Language

The secret to satisfaction – in *and* out of the bedroom.

Whether you’ve got a new fling on your hands or are in the midst of a long-term romance, discovering your love language is the key to unlocking your deepest desires and, most importantly, communicating them to your boo. Think about what makes you feel secure, confident, and loved in a relationship: Is it the sense of endless caresses? A showering of gifts? A whirlwind of compliments?

While the language of love may be universal, we all have our special dialects that speak uniquely to our needs. Unsure of where you fall on the linguistic landscape? Leave it to Fleur to translate.

Physical Touch

Stroking, holding, a cheeky grab from behind – if you crave all of the above from your partner, chances are you sense affection in the form of physical touch. You love the feeling of closeness that skin-on-skin action brings to your relationship, and we’re not just talking sex. A simple hand-hold or thigh-stroke while out and about on date night can get the sparks flying for you.

Of course, when you want to take things into the boudoir, you can make the most of your touchy-feely time by whipping out some playfully tactile toys like feather dusters and paddles, or dripping on the pleasure oil to give and receive a sensual massage. To really heighten your sense of touch, ask your partner to blindfold you while they rub their hands all over you.

Words of Affirmation

If you feel most desired when you’re being showered with compliments, you’re all about the words of affirmation. The most literal of love languages, it requires your partner to be vocal about how much they want you, appreciate you, and find you irresistible. Well, who could complain about that?

The easiest way to ensure they tell you exactly what you want to hear? Slip on a little something that makes you feel confident and sexy – they’ll be singing your praises in no time. In the bedroom, use your words to heat things up. Get your partner to talk dirty in the bedroom by kicking off the script yourself – vocalize how hot they are and how good they make you feel, and they’ll be inspired to do the same.

Quality Time

You’re both busy bees, but taking the time out of your packed schedules to make each other buzz is all that you ask for. First off, you should both carve out dedicated date nights to spend together on the weekly, but to make your quality time as meaningful as it is enticing, we suggest shaking things up to make sure they never feel boring or routine.

Get all dressed up and hit the town for an exciting night out, plan a #baecation getaway, or pre-game your intimate party of two with a couple’s spa day or cocktail-making class. Set up a sexy evening of fun and games at home, and lay out some new moves you’d like to try in an X-rated round of Twister. So long as you get a little creative, you’ll never run out of ways to spend your time together (and they’ll never run out of reasons to see you).

Giving and Receiving Gifts

Everyone loves a present here and there, but you may feel most appreciated when your lover brings you home something special. From grand gestures to little trinkets, you love to spoil and get spoiled – and why shouldn’t you, darling? It’s not so much that you’re a material girl, you simply consider gifts to be the physical embodiment of someone’s feelings.

The best way to hint at your desire for presents is to treat your boo first. Why not start with something that benefits the both of you, like a pleasure toy you can both make plenty of use of together? Or, if you’re feeling frisky, wrap yourself up in a silky, slinky little bow and have them unwrap you well into the evening. After all, you’re the gift that keeps on giving – so why shouldn’t you get it in return?

Acts of Service

An exchange of favors is the foundation of any good love affair – you do me, and I’ll do you, babe. But beyond going tit for tat during romps in the hay, you swoon when a partner steps up to do something practical for you, whether it’s picking up dinner on the way home, booking you a manicure, or putting up those closet shelves you’ve had lying around forever.

Let’s just say if they stop to check your engine, your engine gets revving. It’s the little things. So show your appreciation for all their acts of service by catering to them for the day – or night. Tie ‘em up and don’t let them lift a finger as you get down and dirty doing *all* the work, if you catch our drift. Then next time, you can let them return the favor.

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