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The Sexiest Spots to Celebrate Valentine’s Day in NYC

Hoping for a V-Day (well, night) to remember?

You’ve come to the right place. From heart-shaped lingerie to Valentine’s Day gifts galore, Fleur’s got Cupid beat when it comes to the most romantic holiday of the year. But we’ve got more than just your Valentine’s Day lingerie on lock this February 14th. After all, you’ll need an excuse to slip into something sultry before you have any good reason to slip out of it. So prepare to pucker up and raise a glass – because we’re sharing the swankiest, sexiest spots to wine, dine, and then some in NYC this Valentine’s Day. Whether you’re planning to look into your lover’s eyes over a plate of aphrodisiacs or celebrate the single life with a rowdy Galentine’s night out, these hot spots are guaranteed to get you all fired up for the occasion.

Flaunt your finest feathers and float your way into the Golden Swan, either on your lover’s arm or flocked with your posse. The aptly named West Village eatery serves as a hybrid hideaway, offering two distinct spaces for whatever sort of revelry you’re after this V-Day. Downstairs, you’ll find yourself in a bohemian bistro – dark, mysterious, clad in wood and Moroccan tile. The perfect spot to sip Mezcal martinis and catch the eye of a stranger across the bar. Upstairs, things feel a bit more elevated. Saunter up the mirrored staircase and you’ll arrive in the fittingly gilded dining room, lined with warm banquettes and dotted with white tablecloths that are perfectly poised for a romantic evening for two. Stroke their arm and feed them tartare to whet their appetite for what’s coming later.

The Golden Swan, 314 W 11th St, New York

Romance, passion, drama! The next best thing to a night at the opera? An evening basking in the resplendence of the newly debuted Café Carmellini. Then again, stepping out at this sceney eatery will certainly land you in the spotlight, so feel free to put on a head-turning, skin-baring show. Plush booths and imposing chandeliers set the stage, while intimate balcony seats on the mezzanine provide a bird’s eye view of the verdant tree centerpieces below. But no matter where you decide to take a perch and cozy up, you’ll be in for plenty of indulgence. Beyond the 1,800 bottles of wine to choose from, you and your boo are invited to taste your way through Italy and France, both by land and by sea. Oysters, lobster, and cacciatore - oh my! Just don’t forget to leave room for dessert (and we’re not just talking about the chocolate-pear delice).

Café Carmellini, 250 5th Ave, New York

For a deliciously decadent mix of downtown cool and classic elegance, look no further than Le B. When it comes to this sumptuously appointed jewel box of a haunt, the upscale vibes are more naughty than haughty – so we have a feeling you’ll feel right at home. Dimly lit and draped in velvet, brass, and midnight blue, the revamped space was practically made for romantic rendezvous and secret seductions. But don’t expect the grand theatrics to stop at the decor. The French-flavored menu is full of over-the-top courses and tableside displays that will literally heat things up between you and your beau, from fiery flambés to sizzling filets mignons. Our advice? Wash it all down with a bottle of red so no one will notice that your lipstick’s smeared. Bisou, bisou!

Le B., 283 W 12th St, New York

Saint Valentine, meet Saint Veronika. Opulence is an understatement when it comes to this high-brow hangout tucked into the artsy photography hub Fotografiska. Named for the patron saint of photography, and dotted with statement-making images sure to fit your fancy, the European-inspired bar and brasserie provides a feast for both the eyes and palate. Whether you’re hitting the town with your boo or showing off with your single gal crew, you’ll want to amp up the glamour for an elegant evening spent sipping martinis and snacking on caviar. From the enchanting cocktail lounge channeling a forbidden forest to the glittering main dining room that recalls the grand cafes of yore, you’ll be set to smolder in the lap of luxury, lit by the flickering glow of candles and cast by the shadows of stained glass. There’s no shame in your high-maintenance game – you deserve to be spoiled, darling.

Veronika, 281 Park Ave S, New York

If you’re searching for a sophisticated locale sure to sweep anyone off their feet, snag an exclusive seat at The Jazz Club. A modern iteration of an old-school New York speakeasy, the subterranean lounge hidden beneath the luxe Aman hotel is as sultry as it is chic, presenting playfully pulse-racing live performances on the nightly. Seek out the private entrance, follow the glowing red light downstairs, and enter into a moody music room where a baby grand piano and slew of brass instruments take center stage. Punctuated by glowing lamps and glossy black accents, the intimate space invites you to trade the moonshine for champagne and cozy up to your date du jour in style. Sink your teeth into some black truffle-topped bites of grilled cheese and allow the crooning tunes to put you into a tantalizing mood. A little tried-and-true jazz and blues is all it takes to seriously elevate the romance.

The Jazz Club, 9 West 56th St, New York

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