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The Ultimate Guide To A Fleur-Worthy Summer Fling

Like a flash in a pan, summer will be over before you know it.

Like a flash in a pan, summer will be over before you know it. But you’ve still got plenty of time left to dabble in a little dalliance during the sultry season. After all, there’s no better time to throw caution to the wind and get your flirt on. In the heat of the moment, a simple glance can turn into a night of romance, and your little summer getaway can get a lot more exciting. Whether you’re jetting off on a far-fung vacay, a quick weekend getaway, or simply looking for a short-term boo in your own city, follow our tips for a Fleur-worthy summer fling and you’ll head into September with an affair to remember.

Saunter In Style

Peacocks flaunt their feathers to attract a mate, and that philosophy can go a long way for all creatures of passion. So the first step to heating up your summer love life is, of course, by heating up your summer wardrobe. Show off a little (or a lot) of that sun-kissed skin, turn heads in bright, electrifying hues. And you can always count on a statement-making print to serve as the perfect conversation starter. When you look good, you feel good, and confidence is key when you’re on the prowl for some(one) fun. Work it, babe.

Make The First Move

Flirt with your surf instructor. Set your serve on the resort tennis coach. Don’t be afraid to finally slide into your crush’s Instagram DMs. When it comes to a summer fling, time is of the essence, and you shouldn’t be waiting around for someone else to make the first move. Have your eye on a stranger at the bar? Sidle up and spark a convo with fun one-liners to get them chatting. “Are you a dive bar or wine bar?” “Are you a beach babe or a pool boy?” “Smooth jazz or rock ‘n’ roll?” Trust us, you’ll have them at hello.

Find A Tour Guide (With Benefits)

The best way to experience a new place is with a local, so if you’re away from home and seeking a bit of excitement, why not find a tour guide who can moonlight as something more? Swipe right on that nearby hottie and suggest a stroll around town. Hit up a cool cafe and ask the cute barista where to go out, tap the guy at the record store for his local live music recs, or slide your number to the bartender and drop that you’re just visiting. Anyone would be more than happy to show you around. Set a date and set out with a look that will take you from afternoon to afterhours, because you never know where you might end up. By day, you can explore all the hidden gems, and by night, well…you can explore each other.

Let Your Bodies Translate

Treading in some international waters? Language barriers be damned. While you can communicate through Google translate, we say to ditch the X-to-English dictionary and let your bodies do the talking. You’d be surprised by how universal the language of attraction really is. Besides, when you pull out the handcuffs and your sauciest lingerie, no one will be interested in chatting.

Just Add Water

There’s nothing more suggestive than a dripping wet dip in the water. If you want to speed up a casual flirtation, make a splash by inviting them on a trip to the beach or a swim in the hotel pool. Channel your inner Barbie girl in a retro pink one-piece or, better yet, don a two-piece that looks more like lingerie to drive the point home. Flip your hair, snap a strap. And if you’re really feeling daring, untie that bikini top and let it float on over for them to retrieve. And let’s just say a bubbling dip in a hot tub is never a bad idea to really turn up the heat, especially if you’ve got some waterproof toys on hand to get the party started.

Rock The Boat…Or The Beach

A summer romance requires the release of inhibitions, so it’s the ideal occasion to check some boxes off your most intimate bucket list. Never have you ever had sex on the beach? Go on and get sand in your hair. Always dreamed of rocking the yacht? Let the motion of the ocean lead you on deck. And hey, why wait until you’ve landed at your destination to initiate a rendez-vous? Wink at the cutie across the aisle and join the mile high club while en route. ‘Tis the season for bringing *all* your fantasies to life.

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