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These Aphrodisiacs Make The Most Delicious Foreplay

Planning your next date night in?

We say, dress like Venus and dine like Bacchus. You’ll satisfy your cravings in more ways than one.

Corks popping, lips licking, flames sizzling. There’s nothing quite like a decadent meal to get everyone in the mood, especially when you plan on being the main course. So take a tip from us and start your foreplay in the kitchen. As they say, the best way to anyone’s heart (and then some) is through their stomach, and this lineup of sensual snacks are scientifically proven to get those juices flowing. Devour these aphrodisiacs before devouring each other.

Now don’t just stop at setting the table. For a Fleur-approved feast, amp up the vibes and tease the senses by incorporating some experiential accessories into your dinner. Handcuff your partner while they lick your fingers clean, or take turns getting blindfolded for a titillating taste test – if someone gets an answer wrong, it’s the paddle for them…

Whet your appetite and the rest will follow. Just remember to save room for dessert.


When extravagance is on the menu, splurge on a classy black ensemble to match Casanova’s own delicacy of choice: Caviar. The briny black pearls have served as a symbol of fertility for centuries and it’s no wonder they’re known to spark feelings of lust. In addition to plenty of vitamins and minerals to help sustain all-night energy (ahem), caviar contains vitamins B5 and B6, which stimulate and balance sex hormones like testosterone, as well as L-arginine, an amino acid that drives blood flow throughout the body and is known as a natural alternative to Viagra.


Take a bite of the original forbidden fruit and you’ll soon find yourself in heaven. Figs have been associated with sex and fertility since ancient times, surely thanks to their striking resemblance to a certain female body part. But besides their erotic appearance, the flowering fruits happen to be filled with libido-increasing amino acids along with high levels of potassium, an essential mineral linked to feminine sexual health and arousal. Whip out the blindfold and watch them go to town on the suggestive snack - consider it a preview of later.


Whether it’s dripping down your fingers or melting in your mouth, there’s a reason chocolate elicits such strong waves of pleasure. The so-called food of the gods provides a few mood-boosting perks beyond its sweet and savory flavor. Chocolate contains phenylethylamine, also known as “the love drug,” a natural chemical stimulant that quite literally gets your heart racing and triggers the release of happiness hormones. And as for that euphoric high? You can thank the tryptophan, a key building block of serotonin. Sweeten the deal in a strappy set that leaves plenty of skin for chocolate to melt on - and lick off.


Lucky for us, one of chocolate’s favorite bedfellows also falls into the sweet and sexy food category. Blazing red, the color of passion, strawberries even come with their own romantic origin story. According to Greek legend, they were born of Aphrodite’s heart-shaped tears when she learned of her lover Adonis’s death. On a happier note, however, the fruit boasts many nutritional benefits linked to a healthy sex drive, including vitamin C, magnesium, and potassium. As if you needed an excuse to feed your partner chocolate-covered strawberries while channeling your inner goddess of love… in all-red-everything, of course.


Slurping, sucking, slipping down your throat – the art of eating oysters is sensual by nature, but there are other reasons they’re known for serving up romance on the half shell. And we’re not just talking pearl necklaces. The bivalves work wonders in the bedroom thanks to their rich stores of zinc and D-aspartic acid, nutrients essential to testosterone production which lead to improved sexual performance. They also contain serotonin and can drive the release of dopamine, the feel-good chemicals that send shivers down the spine. Slip on some perfectly pearly accessories for the occasion and let your partner shuck - and suck - for treasure.


Bursting with sweet juices that stain your lips red, pomegranates have long been tied to passion and pleasure. After all, the fruit was so seductive not even Persephone could resist its charms in the underworld. In more modern times, they’re considered a potent superfood that can indeed increase potency where it counts. In addition to healthy antioxidants, they provide potassium, manganese, and folate, all of which support sexual wellness. Studies have also shown that pomegranate juice raises testosterone levels in both men and women, leading to amped-up levels of sexual desire. Since pomegranate seeds are notoriously linked to the underworld, dress up to embrace your dark side dominatrix while popping them onto your partner's tongue.


Think pink to match this meal – and the flush that’s sure to rise to your cheeks later. Whether you fire up the oven or go full sushi mode and devour it raw, salmon is one sexy seafood you won’t want to skip on date night. For one, its omega 3 fatty acids support the regulation of sex hormones as well as fuel blood flow to all your erogenous zones, causing that rush you feel when you’re turned on. Most importantly, however, salmon helps to stimulate dopamine, which can in turn result in more intense orgasms. Pass the fish, please.

Red Wine

And what else to wash everything down than a sultry sip of red wine? Aromatic and arousing, red wine is responsible for supplying flavonoids, blood-pumping antioxidants that help to increase libido and maintain longer erections. Per the results of one Harvard study, the vibrant vino has even been dubbed “liquid Viagra.” A stimulant for all your senses, the fragrances of red wine have additionally been linked to revved-up sex drives in both men and women. Pop a bottle and prepare to reap the benefits all night long. Cheers to that.

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