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What’s Your Summer Siren Vibe?

Summer is finally upon us, and if we know you, we know the temperature isn’t the only thing that’s heating up. It’s time for shorter skirts, showing more skin, and slipping into that sultry summer persona fit for steamy days that turn into even steamier nights. So, which summer siren will you be? There’s the fiery femme fatale that’s as tempting as the martini in her hand. The glamorous soiree queen who’s never met a disco ball (or dance partner) she didn’t like. Or the oh-so-sophisticated yacht-hopper who summers on the sea. Whatever your seductive style, Fleur’s got you covered…or, shall we say, uncovered, all season long.

The Fleur Fatale

Sharp, powerful, and extra dirty…with a twist. And we’re not just talking about your favorite drink order. If you come alive after dark and are always down to paint the town as red as your pout, we’d call you a certified Fleur Fatale. Put those Little Black Dresses (and Little Black Book) to good use this summer and step out for a slew of secret rendezvous and sultry nights lit by candlelight. If we know you, you’ll use that scorching gaze to seduce across the rim of your martini glass. When you’ve set your sights on someone, they’ll be all too willing to become the next target of your affection…at least for as long as they can hold your attention.

The Yacht-Y Hottie

Once the clock strikes summertime, you’re smooth sailing off the coast of St. Tropez — or, at least, you are in spirit. You know what they say, dress for the leisurely lifestyle you want. So embrace the nautical (and naughty) in flirty little numbers fit for days spent sipping champagne on the upper decks and nights spent rocking the boat. Think: Chic, sleek, and sophisticated, but sexy enough to make a fabulous splash. Why wait for an invite abroad? Play your cards like a real high roller and we think you’re bound to be chartering your own damn mega-yacht in no time. Bon voyage!

The Garden Goddess

It’s a Garden Girl summer, and you’re ready to bask in pastoral pleasures like the true nature nymph you are. If lazy day picnics and wildflower wanderings are the keys to your heart, stock up on all the florals and ginghams galore. Say hello to flouncy frocks practically made for frolicking in the flowers…and having a rollicking romp in the grass. (Shh, we won’t tell.) And when you’re feeding your boo freshly picked strawberries from your garden later on tonight? Well, you might prefer slipping into something that’s just as sweet and juicy, before fully embracing all your au naturel glory, of course.

The Retro Coquette

Little miss blast from the past who’s anything but modest. Like a pin-up poster come to life, you can captivate your audience with just a wink and a smile, Marilyn-style. So play up those cheeky coquette vibes with vintage silhouettes that show off your curves in not-so-innocent baby blues and pastel pinks. Throw in a bouffant and some bows to really throw it back. Start your evening sauntering like a starlet under the stars then put on your own private show in the boudoir. Wherever you step out, you won’t be the only one ready to embrace your playfully alluring feminine mystique.

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