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What's Your Sex Language?

Love Languages? You’re fluent in ‘em. Gifts, affirmations—been there, established that. But just how well-versed are you in your (and your partner’s) Sex Language? As the key to intimate communication, let’s just say physical touch is a given. But beyond that, Sex Languages can help you determine everything from your innermost desires in the bedroom to your preferred persona behind closed doors. Are you kinky? Giggly? Or straight to the point? Wanna get your hands tied up, or be the one doing the tying? When you’ve got your lover all to yourself, what secret lingo do you speak between the sheets? Go on and let your body talk—you’ve got Fleur to help you translate.


You find the joy in everything, but the joy of sex is at the top of your list. You’re well aware that it doesn’t always have to be so serious. After all, what’s more fun than a rollicking romp in the sheets? Having a good time in the bedroom is priority number one for you, so you approach intimacy with a sense of playfulness and relaxation. You might inspire your partner to keep it light and loose while you share all of the funny, giggly, effervescent moments that come along with doing the deed, and that can work wonders to bring you closer. Perhaps you kick things off with a cheeky round of “Never Have I Ever,” then whip out some new toys you and your bae can play with. In your eyes, love’s a game—and you write your own rules.


If you fantasize about bodice-ripping romances and can’t-keep-your-hands-off-each-other affairs, a sense of unbridled passion is the key to your heart…among other things. You’re all about an explosion of desire—if foreplay doesn’t involve ripping each other’s clothes off and knocking down furniture en route to the boudoir, well, you don’t want it. Our advice for getting the most, ahem, bang from your boo? Start your next rendezvous with a slow and seductive buildup; a glance here, a whisper there, a teasing touch that does just enough. Maybe somewhere out in public, where you both have to hold it together. But once the arousal is too much to handle, trust us, you won’t even make it to the bed…


On the flip side, you may be the one in charge all day, every day, so you crave the feeling of giving up control…in private, at least. If sensual submission is what you seek, you need a lover who can step up to the plate and let you enjoy the excitement of letting go. They give the orders, and you enthusiastically follow suit. Whether you get cuffed, tied up, or flipped into position, putting your pleasure into your partner’s hands is certainly one way to build trust and intimacy; you just know they’re gonna do it right. Care to kick things up a notch? Explore some light spanking with a sexy little riding crop or let them slip you into a blindfold so the rest of your senses start tingling. Embrace the allure of the unknown, and let your boo guide you through.


We all know variety is the spice of life, but for you that’s especially true in the boudoir. You pride yourself on your open mind, and are always down to try anything once (or twice if you like it). Given your tendency to be bored by repetition, experimentation is the name of your game. As the ultimate shapeshifter, chances are you speak a little bit of every Sex Language, dabbling in dominance, slinking into submission, going back and forth between playfulness and passion, depending on your mood. With so many new positions, new personas, and new pleasures to discover, you need a partner who keeps you on your toes as often as you keep them on theirs. Never settle for a dull moment, darling.

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