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Elevate Your Look with a Bodysuit Outfit for Any Season

Let your body talk.

From the dance floor at Liv to a big presentation at the office, bodysuits have you covered — literally. This versatile piece has made waves on the runways, and ballet-inspired leotard looks have never gone out of style.

Whether you’re channeling your inner Black Swan or just trying to find a ‘fit you can take from the boardroom to GNO, Fleur du Mal has sultry, powerful options you’ll be begging to try on (and your partner will be begging to take off). Read on to learn all about the bodysuits we have to offer for endless outfit opportunities.

Why Do Fleur Girls Love Bodysuits?

There’s so much to love about racy bodysuits. They’re functional, and they’ll won’t come undone until you want them to.

Plus, bodysuits can achieve a skin-tight, perfectly revealing fit that a regular shirt could never. The only thing flirtier would be your own bare skin.

The sleek designs play off of the classic silhouettes of leotards and one-piece swimsuits. But don’t get confused — bodysuits are much more sophisticated than your typical piece of athleisure (although they’re just as easy to slip on and off).

A bodysuit can provide all of the smoothing compression of shapewear and all of the high fashion styles, inspired by designer trends. With our bodysuits, you don’t have to worry about layering pieces on top of shapewear or wonder if someone can see your spandex through your outfit.

So, go ahead and slide into one of our sultry suits and see how confident you can feel.

Why Are Bodysuits So Tantalizing?

There are many other pieces of apparel that boast the ease and convenience of bodysuits (rompers, jumpsuits, and overalls, to name a few). So, what makes bodysuits special?

Bodysuits bring a spicy element to an outfit that can’t be matched by other casual, one-piece staples. While some bodysuits may have a more lowkey appearance, many have sheer mesh detailing, suggestive lace features, bondage-inspired straps, and provocative boning.

This makes bodysuits an easy way to transform a casual outfit into a steamy evening look. Simply pair a lacey bodysuit with jeans or a pair of slacks for a night sipping cocktails or with a luxe silk robe for an enticing bedroom getup.

Strappy Bodysuits

These bodysuits are perfect for any layer-loving Fleur fatale. With options that can suit any style, occasion, and mood, you can show your lover exactly what’s on your mind with one of our strappy bodysuits.

For a sultry sheer look that gives a peek at the skin underneath, try out a lace bodysuit like our Lily Cupped Bodysuit or Frankie Lace Bodysuit. Both of these options will give off the ultimate illusion and have everyone in Le Bain straining to sneak a peek. For a classic, supportive look that never goes out of style, our Satin Bullet Bodysuit is waiting for you.

To show off your ahem, assets, opt for a deep v-neck bodysuit like our Margo Bodysuit, or tease them with our Charlotte 3-Way Bodysuit. They won’t be able to resist what’s underneath. Play with sheer cutouts for a hint of subtle sensuality in our scoop neck bodysuit made from jersey and lace.

Sleeveless Bodysuits

A strapless bodysuit is a perfect way to boost your confidence and show just enough skin. We love corset-style bodysuits for any occasion. You can pair these tighter options with flowy pants, or a skirt to find balance in your silhouette and take a page from Dior's handbook.

Our Strapless Contrast Bodysuit is a fun and chic take on neutrals. By pairing classic black at the bra and panty with a nude illusion center, you can put your own twist on the exposed bra runway trend without worrying about a nip slip.

For a look that gives major seductress vibes when you’re out at Exchange, go for sheer options like our Silk and Mesh Bodysuit. With tantalizing mesh cutouts and boning to accentuate all your curves, your lover won’t be able to resist taking a peek at what’s below. 

Long Sleeve Bodysuits

A long sleeve bodysuit that shows just the right amount of skin is the perfect way to find intrigue and appeal, anywhere. Rock a sheer lace turtleneck bodysuit over a bralette for a casual yet sexy look, or go for nothing but pasties underneath to show it all off.

Or go for a crew neck with a cut-out backless style to show off the curve of your body while leaving them wanting more. Whether you want to rock a mock neck, a deep v, or even a faux collared bodysuit, Fleur du Mal has dozens of long sleeve bodysuit options to keep you warm and hot even in the colder months.

Let Your Body Talk

Bodysuits are a Fleur girl’s secret weapon, whether you’re drawing a new lover into your bedroom for a night of play or making big moves in your board meeting. 

The good news is that bodysuits are incredibly versatile. Style your bodysuit with a pair of slacks, a racy mini skirt, or wear it à la carte — your options are truly endless. 

Bodysuits in the Bedroom

Add slinky see-through bodysuits to your lingerie collection to create the ultimate tantalizing treat for your special someone. You can go for a sweet, delicate vision in white with our Silk and Bouquet Lace Bodysuit or pair a halter neck Strappy Bondage Harness with a barely-there panty and an ouvert bra to unleash your inner dominatrix.

Bodysuits in the Office

On their own, bodysuits create instant sex appeal. But that doesn't mean you can’t style bodysuits to be totally office appropriate, so you can own your next meeting in confidence. 

You can opt for our Dot Tulle Collared Bodysuit for a twee-inspired look. Pair this with a skirt and tights to find just the right amount of coverage and show off your collarbone at the same time.

To transition a sleeveless option into the colder months, we love layering a black bodysuit. You can even pair a one-shoulder bodysuit with a midi skirt for an elegant, red-carpet-ready look that is perfect for even the fanciest gala.

All Eyes on You

We know you can’t be tied down. Why commit to just one bodysuit when you can have them all? Just because these versatile pieces can do it all doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have one for every mood and every occasion. Explore Fleur du Mal’s collection of bodysuits, and treat yourself to a little luxury — you know you deserve it.


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